About me

Hi, I’m Michael and I’m a software developer.

I live with my wife and cat in a small town south of Vienna, Austria. I love to play Squash and Badminton, travelling and hiking. Occasionally I also have to work, but I’m lucky enough to do that mostly from home.

Working life

I work in IT since 1993. After 10 years as sysadmin I switched over to be a freelance software developer.

Most of my time as a professional developer I used C# for the backend and JavaScript for the web frontend. Sometimes I also needed to use Java, but only if the client required it.

C# can really be used everywhere for everything. I wrote big web applications with it, Windows desktop apps with WPF, Android and iOS apps with Xamarin. I even used C# for some UWP and macOS apps - although I wouldn’t say that I’m very experienced with these.

In 2014 I joined Royal Applications to write new versions of Royal TSi for iOS and Royal TSD for Android.

Xamarin released version 1.0 of Xamarin.Forms at that time and I used it for my apps. Soon I realized, that Xamarin.Forms still had many deficiencies. One of those was the lack of touch gesture handling. What is a mobile app without proper touch handling? I needed it for my apps and figured everybody else would need that too. So I decided to abstract it away properly and make it publicly available. MR.Gestures was born.


Michael Rumpler

Trauttmansdorffstrasse 15
2544 Leobersdorf

UID: ATU55244603